About Us

Our tow and trailer organization has been in existence since 1985 and since then, grown into a modern and highly respected body.

We represent the towing and trailing industry in Canada today and we also provide advice and assistance to motorists using a trailer or tow truck across the land.

We are not a for profit organization and help our members by keeping them informed of the legal and practical matters facing the industry today.

Setting the standards for the industry as a whole is something that is important to us and we interact on the behalf of our members.

Our members are what drive us and they inform all our actions. There is no management culture in our organization. We have little bureaucracy and no expensive overheads.

The officers we employ are active in the industry themselves. They know the business like the back of their hands and are passionate about trailing and towing from a personal as well as professional point of view.

Despite the low bureaucracy of our association, we continually punch above our weight and are a prominent spokes service for the industry.

Our achievements since our inception in the eighties are impressive, but we are not going to stop there.

We are determined to carry on raising the profile of the industry on a national level and continue putting the needs of our members first.

And we are continually reaching out to new members all the time.

We can provide both roadside assistance to our members in need and to members of the public, alike.

But this is not all that we can do. We also exist to educate and inform the general public and the towing and trailing community about road safety and other issues pertinent to them.

Trailing and towing are our passions – so if they are yours too, you cannot afford not to become a member of our professional organization.