What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Tow Company

There are several tow hire services all over the country and even here in Edmonton, Canada, where we have our national headquarters, there are a range to choose from.

One of the questions we often get from our members and readership is “how do I know which tow company to choose from the many there are out there”?

So, to answer this question, we put together this helpful guide.


Before you even think about hiring someone, you need to know exactly what service it is that they are providing and if it meets your specific needs.

What sort of vehicle do they supply and can they tow the vehicle or item that you require assistance with?

If you have something unusual or extremely large to tow, check that they can accommodate your needs before hiring them.

The more information that you can give them about what it is that you need to do, the more likely the will be to give you the correct information about what it is that they can supply.

And that way, everyone knows where they stand straight off.


How long have the company been in business for exactly? And is it something that is provable.

Check their website for testimonials from customers. See how long they have been established for.

Is it just one guy and a tow truck or is this an established company, like edmtowing.ca, with a traceable track history?

Are they experienced in towing your type of vehicle and who do they have working for them?

You want experienced drivers and recovery operatives, who know how to put you at your ease and who can handle the job at hand, in their stride.

You do not want a rookie tower who doesn’t really know what he is doing.

Additionally, you want someone who has had their criminal record checked, as well as their full work history documented by their employers.

Because if you are going to be stuck with a stranger way out in the middle of nowhere, possibly in the hours of darkness, these things kind of matter.


If you are the driver of either a motorbike or a heavy duty truck, it matters even more that the company you employ have experience in your type of vehicle.

It matters, because for a motorbike, they will need a special type of strap to ensure it is kept safely in place, whilst it is transported.

Naturally, if you have a big truck or tractor that needs a tow, you are going to need something big enough and a person experienced enough to deal with that.


As we mentioned, experience is everything and this extends to the personnel.

So yes, the company employees should be checked for their criminal records and also for their work history.

You also want to check that the company employing them has the correct type of insurance as well. So that everything is covered and you won’t be left out of pocket should an accident occur.


Before you put all your eggs in one basket, you need to check the hours of business of the company that you decide to plump for.

Believe it or not, not all tow companies are 24/7. So just check that the ones that you call can actually reach you and are open at the time you need them to be!

Even if they are open when you call them, beware of part timers offering super cheap rates. They will not have the expertise and most likely, the equipment you need to do your job justice.