What To Do When You See A Breakdown On The Road?

It could happen anytime and one day, it is probably going to happen to you.

So when you are out and about on the roads and you spot a driver in need of assistance, what should you do about it?


When you first come across someone broken down at the side of a road, you need to make an important decision and this is based on you observing the situation fully.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is, does this constitute an emergency?

Has there been an accident here? Does it require either the police to attend or members of the medical profession?

Would anyone require an ambulance?

If there has been an accident of any description, no matter how minor, it does need reporting to the authorities. Even if the driver thinks it shouldn’t be, you need to report it.

Remember, it is an offense to fail to report a traffic accident.


If anyone is injured, you need to take the appropriate action.

Firstly, it needs to be reported to the emergency services.

If in any doubt at all, call an ambulance.

Even if you think an ambulance is not required, an accident that has resulted in an injury needs the police to be aware of it.

If there are children or frail people on board, be extra careful to get them checked over by paramedics.

If any head injury has been sustained, it should also be attended to, in case of concussion – even if the person in question feels well.

Remember, the injured party may not be the best placed to make a decision regarding whether they need treatment or not.

Does the person or persons need first aid? Are you able to administer it to them?

Make sure that you have access to a first aid kit in your own vehicle, remember, it may not be only you who needs to use it, one day!


Even if you do not need to call an ambulance or the police, you may need to call for recovery, particularly if the vehicle is damaged.

A professional driver recovery team will be also able to help assess the situation further, as well as just give them a ride.

A towing professional should be a calming presence at the roadside for any stranded or injured driver!

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